Restaurant & Lounge

Poker Restaurant & Lounge Interior – Conceptual

Name of Business:
Poker Ca´fé
Poker theme and poker idol celebrities cafe
Fusion, America style
Poker celebrities fun challenge and see poker champions prizes and they idol’s winning moment recap on TV

Restaurant background: Texas hold’em Poker begins at Robstown, Texas, Movie Poker King released, after that the most professional poker room in Asia – Poker King Club starts at Macau. In several years, regarding Mr. Wilfred Yu’s lending, participants of PKC events are growing up. In mostly events, the quantity of participants is over then thousand. We realized that poker industry development is being growth and sustainable, therefore, we would like to promote poker culture, the idea of Poker Café is coming into being.

Overlook – Floor, ceiling, lighting, wall print, furniture, decoration, etc.

Art deco: Using back of playing cards pattern to wrap the walls, floor to ceiling atmosphere. This gives the venue a subtle look and feel of playing cards to remind them of gambling.

Wall print: graphic or graffiti style

Floor and ceiling

Matrix, cyber

Laser Light, Glass and codes:

In the evening it will be transformed almost into “hackes” cyber feel with security laser beams, computer codes and clear glass to give it a virtual feel.


Furniture (day-time)
Furniture (night-time)

Bartender area

Bar table

Element Furniture:

Certain touches of art pieces, figurines, furniture will resemble the elements of a deck cards or casino room.

DJ area

Big monitor:

Place in 2 large LED Monitors that will play poker tournaments, news and sports during the day. Evening will switch to graphic to match the mood of nightclub feel.

Monitor wall & cam:

An entire wall of cameras and monitors will be the theme with a touch of cyber feel. From the movie “Ocean’s eleven” it gives it a casino security room where hidden cameras are watching players play as they try to beat the odds.

TV wall

VIP zone – Divider, cabinet, lighting, pattern, color, etc

Divider – see-through glasses material
spot lighting, wall pattern, sofa, floor pattern

Rest room

fun furniture, big sexy wall print characters, net pattern, mood lighting
Selling Point:
Poker theme restaurant & bar.
DJ attends at Thu to Sat.
Interior theme is poker, no any gambling element.
VIP room / table is available.
1 electric poker table for promotion.
TV is playing poker tournament. Trophy area.
Famous pokers autograph session (irregularly).
Estate requests more information and our reply.
Additional Promotion:
Poker Café will develop a membership system, promote the offer or promotion irregularly. Member can also earn the points, which can be redeemed to priority reservation, discount. Also, we are planning to collaborate with online / real gambling company for points offer / redemption promotion.
Business model:
Poker Café is a middle-high quality restaurant, American cuisine, similar to Hard Rock Café.
Lunch set around $150 to $200. Target costumer is middle-high level. Dinner set under $500., would like to attract more customers to know and interested in poker culture, to achieve win-win result.
Poker Café interior design is all include Texas hold’em Poker element, low-profile. Also available rent-out for press conference / celebration / anniversary event, etc.
Management has rich catering experience, good to build up the relationship with customer. Chef is young and has good responsibility, he also likes to try to design a new cuisine. Also they will provide special menu and event for holiday and other public celebration.
Poker Café is an integrated restaurant, include dining and entertainment. Chef will change the menu depends on difference season. Difference food with wine and champagne. Main menu include BBQ seafood, German Jumbo hot dog, 100% north-America beef hamburger.

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