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A private club business plan

Categories: Print
Tags: brochure, sales kit
Employed Company: 877c
My Role: Executive Creative Director
Clients / Brands: M Group
Industries: VIP Member Club
Period: 2009 / Job No: 090806

Numerous advantages exist to operating a nightclub business, as opposed to other business opportunities. A nightclub is licensed to operate 24 hours a day, as opposed to other businesses, which are licensed to operate for 12 hours only. This 24-hour schedule gives a nightclub business a better chance of breaking even within less than three years of operation. This guarantees the entrepreneurs, a return on your investment within the shortest period, as compared to other business opportunities. The underground scene and its consistent population of adults makes the entertainment industry a more profitable business opportunity than most others. Nightclubs generate more revenue at night as opposed to other businesses due to activities that characterize night operations.

Club No. 8 will be focusing on attracting the local and international professionals, entrepreneurs, high-profiled executives especially those from mainland China. The spending power of these targeted customers combined with their desire to demonstrate personal status has proven a dramatic increase globally in recent years.

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